Youth Ensemble Buddies (YEB)

YEB aspires to cultivate an engaging and social environment that inspires children to embrace music learning and group performances. Students showcasing fundamental musical instrument skills are invited to apply for the Ensemble program. This unique opportunity provides a platform for collaborative music-making and in-depth training in ensemble performance techniques.

YEB, inspired by the training practices of professional orchestras, provides a range of customized training programs designed for students across different age groups. The primary goal of YEB is to impart professional training in ensemble performance skills while instilling a sense of belonging within an orchestra…

Star Voice Ensemble

String Explorer Class



" The Music Playbook "

  • "Teacher is very patient and experiened"

    Crystal Liu / Parents

  • "My Kid loves ensemble music so much!"

    Mr.Chan / Parents

  • "My daught enjoys playing and practising the piano."

    Mr.Man / Parents

Collaboration Partners