Our vision


Our Vision

At IEMA, our mission is to cultivate a nurturing and joyous environment where every student can flourish and reach their fullest potential. Students of all levels and ages are inspired to make music together and share their passion, whether they’re beginners or experienced musicians.

 In addition to developing their interests in music, we are committed to fostering self-fulfillment and self-discipline in our students. We believe that cultivating the right attitude towards learning music plays a crucial role in this lifelong learning.

Our Story

The International Ensemble Music Academy (IEMA) was born out of the shared vision of two accomplished musicians – a violist and a pianist. They firmly believe that music is a universal gift, a language that transcends borders and connects people from all walks of life.                                                            

 Recognizing the growing popularity of ensemble music, they decided to  integrate it into one of the formal music trainings.  They believe ensemble music is not a privilege of advanced and mature players, but also an inevitable element for young and elementary students to explore music.


Tony , Yeung Wing Yip, is a violist and violinist, who graduated from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Tony is an experienced conductor and instructor in various schools, such as St. Paul College Primary School, Diocesan Girls Junior School, Hennessy Road Government Primary School, Bonham Road Government Primary School, Maryknoll Convent School (Primary Section), Pui Ching Primary School, etc.

                                                                                                                                                                          As an active performer, he develops his music talent in different aspects. He regularly participated in TV program music and film music production. He also frequently worked with different orchestra, eg. Hong Kong Philharmonic orchestra, Metropolitan Youth Orchestra and was appointed as a music consultant in Jackie Chan Whole Person Development Centre.

Tony is recently devoted to nurture the young generation by developing various orchestras and chamber music groups. He was one of the founders of the Hong Kong Music Academy and Strings of Enlightenment Orchestra which provide all-round music trainings and education. He is currently working as an orchestra conductor in Marymount Primary School and Music Class Consultant in St. Paul College Primary School, and Course Director in International Ensemble Music Academy.

Maggie Ho is a highly accomplished pianist, having graduated from the Royal College of Music in London with a master’s degree in Piano Performance under the tutelage of Prof. Nigel Clayton and Prof. Gordon Fergus Thompson. Her performances in the UK have showcased her talent both as a soloist and chamber musician. During her study in London, she received a scholarship to participate in the Music at Chateau d’Aix summer school in France where she had a masterclass with renowned piano professors, Paul Roberts, and Charles Owen. Additionally, she expanded her musical repertoire by studying the fortepiano under the tutelage of David Ward.

After completing her first bachelor’s degree in accounting (HKUST), Maggie decided to pursue her passion in music and received her Bachelor degree of Arts in music from the Chinese university of Hong Kong where she studied with Ms Mei-ling Wong. 

In addition to her accomplishments as a pianist, Maggie’s deep enthusiasm for vocal and conducting music has led her to study with acclaimed vocalists, Mr. Gong Dong-jian, Ms. Xu-hui, and Mr. Sylvester Che. In recognition of her expertise and dedication to music education, Maggie currently serves as the Music Director of Holy Trinity Centre Kindergarten where she is engaging in nurturing young talents and fostering a love for music among the students.

Maggie has been invited to be the adjudicator of Asia Student Art Festival and she is currently one of the founders of International Ensemble Music Academy which earnestly promote chamber music in Hong Kong.